Groups and individuals can interact with Local Businesses to help support and promote community and individual needs in our area.

This is a start up organization searching for that right niche, let us know your ideas.

We are a team of local businesses, groups and individuals working together to help our community be a better place to work, play and live. Vernal PromotionsIS NOT an organization out for profit, nor is it affiliated with any government subsidized handouts. We believe a better community involves individuals doing the right things for the right reasons.

Lets be honest about our NOT FOR PROFIT statement. Everything we do in life has some form of "payment", even if its just doing it to have good feelings by helping loved ones. Most times when business give they are looking for the same "payment" Possibly a tax write off or something called Reciprocity; When businesses participate in community events or donate to a good cause they do it to feel good about being involved or giving back to the community.  However; they also hope the community will "reciprocate"  by shopping at there place of business or supporting their cause. This is the form of payment our members would like to receive.

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Social Media is becoming our number one source of information, products and entertainment. Are Brick & Mortar Businesses even needed?

Multi generational  creativity